-Desi Cotton · India’s Indigenous Cotton

After planning and waiting over 1 1/2 years, the final piece was delivered today.
I was just delivered 5 kilos of Brown Karnataka Cotton. This is a Natural Organic, Non-GMO, Rain Feed, Pesticide Free Cotton grown in the growing region of Karnataka, India.

This is a type of Old World cotton, which archaeological evidence shows has been grown in parts of India and Pakistan for thousands of years. Purely rain fed due its deep root system it doesn’t require vast amounts of water to grow. it has not been hybridized, and is therefore genetically pure variety of cotton. It grows organically, without the need for synthetic pesticides and fertilizers.

With this Naturally Brown Cotton and the White Organic Kala Cotton (from the Kachchh region) in the background, I will be able to weave a two tone, pattern, textured cloth that is completely natural, non-gmo and organic.

The woven ribbon you see on top of the yarn is my test weave to understand the different ways needed to handle this type of yarn for weaving.

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