Weaving Heirlooms

Crafted by hand, made with love and dedication.
My weaving are special because of the stories they collect over time.
Objects that traveled down the branches of our family tree.
My weaving represent a beloved person or memory.
They add warmth and personality to a home.
Passed down to tell a story of warm memories.

Following my beliefs and spirituality, I create myself a space to weave.
Knowing that my weaving are for children, the elderly and their families to be comforted with.

Reconnecting, Embracing, Celebrating
Something crafted by hand.
Rediscovering authentic artistry and handmade craftsmanship.
The distinct sound of the loom, the heartbeat of the cloth.

Like life and people, my weaving irregularities and imperfections is a testament of its originality.

Making a Difference.
Made with Love