After closing my architectural firm of 40 years,
I decided to take my creative journey into a new direction.
Inheriting my late wife’s loom, it was a decision to sale it or make use of it.
That was the beginning of Llano Fiber, believing that the weaving tradition should be preserved, and the skill of hand weaving needed to be kept alive.

Llano Fiber is a limited collection of textile weaving’s. Every object is carefully slow crafted, self-produced woven textiles in my home.
By using only natural and organic fibers, I look for sustainable sourcing for the natural fibers that I use, as with my natural dyeing processes.

Each piece is very carefully crafted with love and dedication, rediscovering authentic artistry and handmade craftsmanship.
Weaving is a spiritual action. What we do with our hands is important to our spiritual well-being.

Made with Love

I share my blessing and weaving by gifting to a children hospital.

Dharma – Gifting – Dana Paramita

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