this will be the Llano Fiber’s last market of the year, the next markets will start in March 2023

Pedernales Farmers Market
Spicewood, Texas
18dec2023 · 10am-2pm

come and see our weaving’s + art · crafts · veg’s · eats at the market.

after this market, time for balance

Center ··· Meditate ··· Ground

be back sometime next year

Dressing the Loom

Weaving “Blank” cloth for something new this coming year.

Made to order single ply cotton yarn. 18 threads per inch X 45″ X + 2 floating salvage threads at each end = 814 threads by 8 yards.

Slow · Pattern · Cotton

Tonight’s Preview Showing and Saturdays Market

Historic Home Tour and Holiday Market
GCHS/Pioneer Museum
Sanctuary & Social Hall · 312 W. San Antonio St., Fredericksburg, Texas

On the left is Cotton from the State of Georgia, to the right is Cotton from India and Peru, and in the center is Worldly Linens, Silks & Himalayan Nettle.

Come and see our weaving’s + the other great arts and crafts at the market.

Black Walnuts

I just received a priority shipment from Figbeard Fruit & Permaculture ( #figbeard ). He sent me a package of black walnuts that he had forged. Time to start fermenting them for a few months.

I was planning a new direction for a few weaving’s for next year, Figbeard sent them at the best time. The black walnuts will be perfect for the weaving’s.

Thank you, Figbeard.

Finished Bohemian Weaving’s

I did not know how to list these weaving’s, they could be use in different ways. I will tell you my thoughts on some of the ways.

One could use them as a durrie · for the home, yoga or meditation.
Someone wanting a weighted blanket.
Outdoor sports and festival lap blankets.
Ground blankets for picnics and gatherings.

The person who ends up caring for one will decided it life.

Repurposed cotton lint warp & repurposed cotton cloth weft

Last Night’s Delivery

Made to Order, Handspun Yarn from India.

17 kilo’s of blended yarn, merino wool from New Zealand with mulberry silk from India.
Shipped from Bhubaneswar City (Known as the Temple City of India), India.