The Journey of Growth, New Moon, 21march2023

Initiating a new cycle and chapter, it is time for me to slow down and listen.

Listening to the changes in myself and my growth as a weaver, I am moving on from Llano Fiber to a new chapter. My true purpose has always involved giving and with this new direction the pursuit will be still be weaving for the children.

Personally, I will be focusing on creativity, more individual pieces to sale.
The Meditative Home will also be an experiment place for me to try new ideas using other materials than just fiber.

All my post from now on will be made to,

The Meditative Home

new chapter, new opportunities, new chances

Llano Earth Art Fest (LEAF)

Cotton Throws / Blankets

Just in time for LEAF. A new group of loom woven throws/blankets. Loom woven in the Texas Hill Country with American cotton, grown and spun in Georgia. Finished sizes approx. 45″-50″ x 90″ + fringe.

Cozy · Soft · Simple

Same as last year I will be doing a workshop on loom weaving, but this time there will be two workshops. One at 10:15 am on 24th and 5:00 pm on the 26th. During the fest, I will have my Saori loom at my booth for those that missed the workshops. All ages are welcome from the youthful to the matured, the youngest weaver was 4 ½ yo. Afterwards, the finished woven cloth will be giving to LEAF.

Black Walnut Dyeing

Texas Organic Cotton + Black Walnuts

Starting to dye 4 lbs of Texas organic cotton yarn with Texas black walnuts ( a gift from #figbeard, Thank You).

The walnuts have been ageing about 4 months in hand drawn Llano river water. The cotton will soak for about a week, and then I will see if the yarn is ready to weave some new throws.