New shipment of yarn

I just received my new shipment of yarn today.
This is 5 kilo's of Imported Organic Peruvian Cotton.
The Non-GMO and Hypoallergenic Cotton was hand harvested by the local farmers to insure its quality.

First the yarn will be pre-washed to allow for shrinkage. Then warped up on the floor loom to make some baby items and maybe weave a large throw. Maybe just in time for this years holiday season's market.

Baby Crib / Receiving Blankets

Finishing up hand tying the ends. Getting ready for the newborn’s and market.

There will be a total of 12 with this draft, 3 each.
Colors being White, Yellow, Blue and Pink. All Natural Cotton.

For every three security blankets woven, one is removed to gifted to a children hospital. With the receiving / crib blankets, for every four one is gifted.

Tzedakah, Dāna, Gifting

Llano Fiber