To mimic the random growth of grape vines, the random texture of the organic yarn, I decided to spot dye the yarn to give the future weaving the same feeling.

Now the curing phase begins for about two weeks

2.5 Kilos of Organic Cotton Yarn from India. The Black was made by the Charring of Grape Vine Shoots from Germany.

Ready for Fall Markets.

Organic Textured Cotton Blankets
Only three Natural and Organic items were used. Cotton from India, Soil from Italy, France and the USA. Home-Crafted Soy Milk.
The next group of blankets will be using natural dyes from plants.

Earthy · Organic · Natural · Sustainable

Organic cotton, grown and spun in India. Mud dyed (stained) with organic soil. The mud dyeing gives the cloth a soft earthly color.


It has been a while since I have dyed with some color. The earthy feel from this textured organic cotton yarn from India, I decided to use some organic earth pigments for my color. I am mud dyeing (staining) with mineral oxides, the green is from Italy and the red is from France. Now the curing phase begins for about two weeks outdoors.

Earth · Organic · Natural