Handcrafted Lap Blankets for Wheelchair Users. For Yourself or a Love One.

I have added a new size of woven blanket. They will be the same as my other blankets in texture, color and fibers. the only differences is that they are woven narrower to fit within the width of the wheelchair wheels. I will be offering two sizes, lap and full length. These blankets will be one of the few weaving that I will be offering online for purchase.

Natural Cotton from Georgia, Dyed with Natural Cutch from Turkey and Hand Finished with Kantha Stitching.

Rabbit Holes and Full Moon in Aquarius.

Over the last couple of years going down rabbit holes about clothing, I needed something new for spring markets. I have done scarfs and tea towels, but it just did not fit Llano Fiber.
So, with the full moon in Aquarius and a bolt of loom woven cotton it is time to test the waters for handcrafted clothing.

Cotton yarn from Georgia = ladies handcrafted overall.

On the Loom


I wanted to add more texture to the next blanket on the loom. I am using two thickness of yarn, 3/2 and 5/2 cotton yarns switching between every third row.

Texture · Pattern

Today’s Shipment, Made to Order Cotton Yarn

This is natural cotton, grown and spun in Georgia, USA. What you see is 28 lbs of 3/1 spun yarn. I am wanting to see what the difference will be between the 3/2 cotton yarn that I have been using for my Fall blankets. Both in texture, comfort and the feel.

Christmas in July, Preview Three.

Natural Cotton Blankets
Cozy · Home· Simple · Comfort

Loom woven throws and wraps for the next vendors event. July 16th Austin Flea at Still Austin Whiskey in Austin, Texas. American cotton, grown and milled in Georgia. Handwoven on a 50+ year old wooden loom, in the Texas Hill Country.

Follow Llano Fiber to see more weaving’s that will be at the coming venue.