On the Loom, Alladorf 60

New Draft for the Children’s Security Blankets

This draft is from the fragment of cloth belonging to the eighth-century Alamannic warrior, Alladorf Grave from Bavaria.
It is only one of the few weavings from the eight to tenth century that have been identify.

Natural · Love · Karma

On the Loom

New Children’s Security Blankets.

Just a simple weave using the organic, texture cotton that I imported from India.

Depending on how these blankets wet finish, this might be a good cloth for next years spring and summer garments.

Simple · Karma · Organic

“Wherever you go … go with all your heart.”

Beltane · May Day
Bright Fire · Eclipse · New Moon

Tonight will be a great evening for a road trip. A time to Celebrate the Renewal of Life.
Seek what the Heart desires, Look for the Signs that transpire, Float above and See the larger picture.
Turning Point.

Security blankets for the children.