Phase One. Off the loom, 45″x20yards (115cmX18m) of woven natural slub linen.
Phase Two. Soak the cloth in some home crafted soy milk.
Phase Three. Let the bonded cloth age.
Phase Four. Cut into two personal wraps or throws.
Final Phase. Finish one with sumi ink and other with red clay pigment.

Slub Linen · Sumi Ink · Soybean · Red Clay

WIP – Warping the Loom, Natural Linen Slub

I am dressing the loom for the next set of linen throws. As I winded the linen around the warp beam, I stretch the linen to keep as much tension on the threads as I am weaving. This process happen about a dozen times to warp 21 yards of yarn.

Look what the Cat brought in.

Dressing the Loom.
I might not be doing it correctly but this is 45″x 21 yards of Hungarian Linen Warp. This will be for a new set of linen throws. What the picture doesn’t say is that 50% of the threads shown are stacked three deep per dent (space).


Sustainable · Natural · Loom Woven Rug · Belgium Linen and Natural American Cotton. Weaving Size 32″x 12 yards.

Floor Loom Woven Linen

Sustainable · Natural · Loom Woven European Linen, Finished Size 36"x 120"

I have changed my mind. After I wet finished my weaving before going to the next step, I decided to keep it as is. Even though it is open woven draft, it has the feel of being crochet or knitted.