Made to Order, New Delivery of Handspun Yarn from India.

25 kilo’s of made to order yarn. Shipped from Bhubaneswar City (Known as the Temple City of India), India.

5 kilo’s of khadi cotton yarn, 10 kilo’s of recycled saree silk yarn and 10 kilo’s of a 50/50 blended merino wool (18 micron) with mulberry silk.

It took the ladies three weeks to acquire the fiber and to spin the yarn. Shipping took one and half weeks, half a week was in customs.

Today’s Shipment, Made to Order Cotton Yarn

This is natural cotton, grown and spun in Georgia, USA. What you see is 28 lbs of 3/1 spun yarn. I am wanting to see what the difference will be between the 3/2 cotton yarn that I have been using for my Fall blankets. Both in texture, comfort and the feel.