Dressing the Loom

Weaving “Blank” cloth for something new this coming year.

Made to order single ply cotton yarn. 18 threads per inch X 45″ X + 2 floating salvage threads at each end = 814 threads by 8 yards.

Slow · Pattern · Cotton

Khadi Spirit

Handmade · Handspun · Handwoven

handspun yarn on a charkha in India
handweaving into blankets on a wooden floor loom in the Texas Hill Country

Non-GMO · Organic

New blankets on the loom. This textured Non-GMO, hypoallergenic yarn is from Peru. It is organic pima cotton · grown, hand harvested and spun in Peru.

New Draft on the Loom

This is some made to order yarn that I had imported. It is a 50/50 blended yarn using New Zealand merino wool and silk from India. It was blended and handspun in India.
The draft (pattern) that I am using is from the eight century, from the Bavaria area of Germany.

Texture · Pattern · Natural

On the Loom, Alladorf 60

New Draft for the Children’s Security Blankets

This draft is from the fragment of cloth belonging to the eighth-century Alamannic warrior, Alladorf Grave from Bavaria.
It is only one of the few weavings from the eight to tenth century that have been identify.

Natural · Love · Karma