On the Loom

New Children’s Security Blankets.

Just a simple weave using the organic, texture cotton that I imported from India.

Depending on how these blankets wet finish, this might be a good cloth for next years spring and summer garments.

Simple · Karma · Organic

100 degrees +

When summer has come to the Texas Hill Country, it’s time to work on your yarn stash. Taking the cones of cotton, I turn them into 8oz hanks each. Then scour and bloom the yarn in hot water with soda ash and soap. Next drip dry and sun bleach outside in the summer sun. Afterwards, I winded the cotton into cakes of yarns.

This is just the start of the stash.

Strip Weaving, WIP

These are woven strips of American organic cotton. I am starting to bind the strips together to make a "Kente " style woven throw. It will ether be finished by hand stamping or hand painting. Floor Loom Woven American Organic Cotton Strips, Organic Egyptian Cotton Thread for Binding.