Kantha Quilted Meditation Rug

This meditation rug (31″x32″) is quilted and stitched in the “Kantha” style of embroidery. Floor Loom Woven, Natural Dyes and Hand Stitched. The handwoven panels are 100% American Cotton, one dyed with Aleppo oak gallnuts. The batting is also 100% American cotton. The cotton yarn for stitching was dyed with buckthorn berries.
Hand wash and tumble dried.

Dressing my three looms with new warps.

Picture 1 will become a blanket
3/2 natural cotton, 56.75″/680 threads
Approx 4′ x 8′ finished.

Picture 2 will become crib blankets
8/2 natural cotton, 36″/864 threads
Approx 30″ x 30″ finished

Picture 3 is a test weave
Kala cotton, 2″/96 threads

Bast Fibers

This is our supply of Asa (bast) Fiber imported to us from Kyoto, Japan.

Natural bast fiber was used in textile in the ancient times.

Bast fibers are collected from the outer cell layers of the plant’s stem. These fibers are used for durable yarn and fabric. Examples are flax, hemp, ramie, rattan, and vine fibers.

The first picture shows 1 kilo each, Aoso (natural ramie), Mapi (natural outerbark of ramie) & Asao (natural hemp)

By hand we will be turning the bast fibers into threads to create our unique artist throws.

The lower picture is how I start to split Aoso (natural ramie) Fiber.
After splitting the fiber, they will be joined together and spun into threads.