“Khadi” Cotton Blankets

Khadi is a hand-spun and woven natural fiber cloth promoted by Mahatma Gandhi.

Handmade · Handspun · Handwoven

handspun cotton fiber on a charkha in India
woven into blankets on a wooden floor loom in the Texas Hill Country

Christmas in July, Preview Five and Last. Bast Fibers

Earthy · Nature · Simple · Natural

Next weaving’s for the Austin Flea Event. July 16th Austin Flea at Still Austin Whiskey in Austin, Texas.
Wraps and throws using organic linen yarns from Belgium and Hungry and hand spun wild Himalayan nettle fiber from Nepal.

All are handwoven on a 50+ year old wooden loom, in the Texas Hill Country.

Follow Llano Fiber to see more weaving’s that will be at the coming up Thanksgiving’s venue.

Peruvian Cotton Throw

Handpick, Non-GMO Peruvian Pima Cotton, Floor Loom Woven. Finished with an Square Knotted Hemstitch.

Cozy · Soft · Simple