Old World Cotton and Friendship.

Just this morning we received our first shipment of Hand Spun Kala Cotton.

The name ‘kala’ means cotton pod — the core of the cotton.

Greek historian from as early as 400 BC, “ In India, there were trees
growing wild, which produce a kind of wool better than sheep’s wool in
beauty and quality. The Indians use this tree wool to make their
clothes.”. In fact, when Alexander invaded India, his soldiers took to
wearing cotton clothes when they saw the Indian women spinning cotton fabric extracted out of cotton ginning. Even the Mauryan scriptures mention yarn spun out of wool, bark-fibers, cotton, hemp and flax and how artisans made livelihood out of them.

Kala Cotton is a type of Old World cotton, which archaeological evidence shows has been grown in parts of India and Pakistan for thousands of years. Kala Cotton is purely rain fed due its deep root system it doesn’t require vast amounts of water to grow. Kala Cotton is of the type G. Herbaceum, which has not been hybridized, and is therefore genetically pure variety of cotton. It grows organically, without the need for synthetic pesticides and fertilizers.

From a newly develop friendship, this first shipment of Hand Spun Kala Cotton is from a 500 year old village in the Kutch region of India. A village of artisan known for their spinning, weaving and dyeing. As 2021 starts to develop, we will also be offering custom commissioned weaving from our friends.

Texas Khadi
Born in India – Raised in Texas.
Hand Spun Kala Cotton from India
Floor Loom Woven in Texas

Hand Spun Kala Cotton