Market Day

Avant Garde Collective
Make │ Shop │ Grow
209 S. Llano, Texas

I am please to announce that we will be a vendor at the New Opening and
First Holiday Makers Market. This Saturday, the 5th of December in
Fredericksburg, Texas.

 2. Personal Security Blankets/Wraps. Spring and Autumn weight, Loom
Woven, 100% American Cotton.
 3. Cotton Throws, Loom Woven, 100% American Cotton.
 4. Himalayan Nettle Throws, Loom Woven, Belgium Linen Warp, Home Spun
Himalayan Nettle Weft.
 5. Crib/Baby Blankets, Loom Woven, 100% American Cotton
 6. Alter Cloth, Loom Woven Non-violent Silk,  Home Spun Weft.
 7. Bookmarks, Fibers from India, Japan and America.
 8. Loom Woven Hair Ties.