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handspun yarn on a charkha in India
handweaving into blankets on a wooden floor loom in the Texas Hill Country

On the Loom, Alladorf 60

New Draft for the Children’s Security Blankets

This draft is from the fragment of cloth belonging to the eighth-century Alamannic warrior, Alladorf Grave from Bavaria.
It is only one of the few weavings from the eight to tenth century that have been identify.

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Rabbit Holes and Full Moon in Aquarius.

Over the last couple of years going down rabbit holes about clothing, I needed something new for spring markets. I have done scarfs and tea towels, but it just did not fit Llano Fiber.
So, with the full moon in Aquarius and a bolt of loom woven cotton it is time to test the waters for handcrafted clothing.

Cotton yarn from Georgia = ladies handcrafted overall.


Off the Loom and ready to start Kantha Hand Quilting.

Loom woven boucle yarn and basting pins.


It has been a while since I have dyed with some color. The earthy feel from this textured organic cotton yarn from India, I decided to use some organic earth pigments for my color. I am mud dyeing (staining) with mineral oxides, the green is from Italy and the red is from France. Now the curing phase begins for about two weeks outdoors.

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