On the Loom, Alladorf 60

New Draft for the Children’s Security Blankets

This draft is from the fragment of cloth belonging to the eighth-century Alamannic warrior, Alladorf Grave from Bavaria.
It is only one of the few weavings from the eight to tenth century that have been identify.

Natural · Love · Karma

Rabbit Holes and Full Moon in Aquarius.

Over the last couple of years going down rabbit holes about clothing, I needed something new for spring markets. I have done scarfs and tea towels, but it just did not fit Llano Fiber.
So, with the full moon in Aquarius and a bolt of loom woven cotton it is time to test the waters for handcrafted clothing.

Cotton yarn from Georgia = ladies handcrafted overall.


Off the Loom and ready to start Kantha Hand Quilting.

Loom woven boucle yarn and basting pins.


It has been a while since I have dyed with some color. The earthy feel from this textured organic cotton yarn from India, I decided to use some organic earth pigments for my color. I am mud dyeing (staining) with mineral oxides, the green is from Italy and the red is from France. Now the curing phase begins for about two weeks outdoors.

Earth · Organic · Natural


Dividing the waffle weave into sections for a new woven throw.

Classic · Comfort · Natural

Strip Weaving, WIP

These are woven strips of American organic cotton. I am starting to bind the strips together to make a "Kente " style woven throw. It will ether be finished by hand stamping or hand painting. Floor Loom Woven American Organic Cotton Strips, Organic Egyptian Cotton Thread for Binding.