Dividing the waffle weave into sections for a new woven throw.

Classic · Comfort · Natural

Strip Weaving, WIP

These are woven strips of American organic cotton. I am starting to bind the strips together to make a "Kente " style woven throw. It will ether be finished by hand stamping or hand painting. Floor Loom Woven American Organic Cotton Strips, Organic Egyptian Cotton Thread for Binding.

Overshot in Bold Print, WIP

This being the second scarf with this draft, I wanted to pop-out the texture more. 2 Shuttles, 2 Yarns, 4 Shafts, 5 Treadles and 2 Left Feet. Dyed Buckthorn Berry Yarn, Natural Cotton, Dried Buckthorn Berries.


A bolt of loom woven cotton and some fresh flowers from our local florist.
I will be eco-dyeing the newly woven cloth, then cutting and hand finishing it into scarves.