5 Kilo’s of New Yarn

Organic Gaddi Wool
Desi (Indigenous) Himalayan Gaddi Sheep
Desi Oon (Indigenous Wool)

Gaddi is a Himalayan Desi sheep breed local to Himachal Pradesh, India. Desi means local or indigenous to India. The Gaddis are a semi-nomadic tribe. Each year, in February or March, they leave their winter pastures on the Himalayan foothills, and climb towards the nutritious grass of the Lahul and Spiti plains, arriving by the mid-summer nights. With the first sign of the autumn chill, they again head south.

I would like to thank, Gunjan Satija with the Centre for Pastoralism (CfP), a nonprofit organization. Centre for Pastoralism is an initiative by Gujarat-based Sahjeevan Trust with an objective to promote understanding on Indian Pastoralism. With her help she was able to put me in contact with individuals and co-op’s in acquiring desi wool yarns.

The handspun wool also has Ayurvedic healing properties, as the sheep feed on natural herbs found in the organic alpine meadows of the Himalayan mountains.

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