Llano Earth Art Fest (LEAF) www.Llanoearthartfest.org

Cotton Throws / Blankets

Just in time for LEAF. A new group of loom woven throws/blankets. Loom woven in the Texas Hill Country with American cotton, grown and spun in Georgia. Finished sizes approx. 45″-50″ x 90″ + fringe.

Cozy · Soft · Simple

Same as last year I will be doing a workshop on loom weaving, but this time there will be two workshops. One at 10:15 am on 24th and 5:00 pm on the 26th. During the fest, I will have my Saori loom at my booth for those that missed the workshops. All ages are welcome from the youthful to the matured, the youngest weaver was 4 ½ yo. Afterwards, the finished woven cloth will be giving to LEAF.

Finished Bohemian Weaving’s

I did not know how to list these weaving’s, they could be use in different ways. I will tell you my thoughts on some of the ways.

One could use them as a durrie · for the home, yoga or meditation.
Someone wanting a weighted blanket.
Outdoor sports and festival lap blankets.
Ground blankets for picnics and gatherings.

The person who ends up caring for one will decided it life.

Repurposed cotton lint warp & repurposed cotton cloth weft

“Khadi” Cotton Blankets

Khadi is a hand-spun and woven natural fiber cloth promoted by Mahatma Gandhi.

Handmade · Handspun · Handwoven

handspun cotton fiber on a charkha in India
woven into blankets on a wooden floor loom in the Texas Hill Country

Khadi Spirit

Handmade · Handspun · Handwoven

handspun yarn on a charkha in India
handweaving into blankets on a wooden floor loom in the Texas Hill Country

Non-GMO · Organic

New blankets on the loom. This textured Non-GMO, hypoallergenic yarn is from Peru. It is organic pima cotton · grown, hand harvested and spun in Peru.

New Draft on the Loom

This is some made to order yarn that I had imported. It is a 50/50 blended yarn using New Zealand merino wool and silk from India. It was blended and handspun in India.
The draft (pattern) that I am using is from the eight century, from the Bavaria area of Germany.

Texture · Pattern · Natural

Ready for the Fall Markets.

Loom Woven Silk Throw / Blanket
Handspun Silk Threads by Village Spinners from Eastern part of India.

When the raw silk sarees are manufacture, there is a lot of threads that get wasted. The village spinner’s collect the threads and card them into fiber, then handspin into yarn for weaving and knitting.
Finished size approx. 40″ x 90″ · 100cm x 225cm