Beginning, “The place where something begins”

“The place where something begins”

The beginning of a Loom Woven, Cotton, Heirloom Blanket.

I weave a blanket that is meant to be used. The cotton is grown and milled in the USA. Two thickness of yarn are use in the creation of these blankets. I start by choosing a pattern from a book that was first published May of 1944. My reprint of the book is the 26th edition, from 1989. After a pattern is chosen, three blankets are woven in a light weight and a heavy weight cotton each. When each blanket is cut off the wooden loom, the ends are hand tied with an overhand knot. That pattern might not every be used again.

These blankets will age just like your favorite old jeans.

Tzedakah, Dāna, Gifting

Of the three of each set, one is removed to gifted to a children hospital.
The remaining two will be offered for purchase.

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